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Armstrong’s Web3 LinkedIn & Crypto Job Vision

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  • The introduction of “Access Enablers” promises heightened competition and reinforced security.

Armstrong’s Visionary Proposals

Brian Armstrong, the dynamic CEO of Coinbase, the renowned crypto exchange, recently brought forward a flurry of new ideas that are set to redefine the crypto landscape. Armstrong laid out ten innovative proposals on August 30, which have since garnered immense attention from the community.

Immediately following this revelation, Armstrong was flooded with more than 150 project applications in response to his groundbreaking ideas. But he didn’t stop there. Soon after, he added an 11th concept to his list, showcasing his relentless commitment to crypto innovation.

A LinkedIn for Web3?

In a move that could revolutionize professional networking, Armstrong pitched an idea for a Web3 counterpart to LinkedIn. This platform would use company-issued, soul-bound NFTs to authenticate employment and credentials. Such a system, as Armstrong believes, will not only tackle fraudulent activities but also introduce a more transparent method for resume verification, eventually replacing traditional processes.

Envisioning a multi-faceted solution, Armstrong proposes a platform that not only acts as a repository of employee and employer information but also provides the functionality for users to create their NFTs upon validating their association with companies through domains or emails.

Crypto’s Role in the Job Market

Armstrong’s forward-thinking approach extends to the job market as well. In his brainstorming session on the future of crypto, he revealed his ambition for a global crypto job marketplace. Such a marketplace would not only help users find crypto-centric roles but would also promote compensation in cryptocurrency, bridging the divide between conventional employment and the evolving crypto ecosystem.

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