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El Salvador’s Schools to Welcome Bitcoin Lessons by 2024

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  • The introduction of “Access Enablers” promises heightened competition and reinforced security.

Ministry of Education in El Salvador Ventures into Cryptocurrency Instruction

El Salvador’s education system is gearing up to introduce a new subject: Bitcoin. By 2024, students might be discussing Satoshi Nakamoto alongside Shakespeare, thanks to a collaboration between the country’s Ministry of Education and the non-profit organization, Mi Primer Bitcoin (MPB).

John Dennehy, the founder of MPB, expressed his enthusiasm about this emerging venture. He highlighted that the Ministry of Education initiated the push, while MPB, in partnership with BitcoinBeach, provides the expertise. The Mi Primer Bitcoin course goes beyond theoretical knowledge and awards students a tangible certificate, establishing a standard for Bitcoin education in schools.

Before its broad adoption, BitcoinBeach will launch a pilot training program on September 7. In this initiative, 150 educators from 75 public schools will undergo intensive Bitcoin training, preparing them to teach the cryptocurrency concept to future generations.

Bitcoin Drive: The First of Many

After this induction, these teachers will use the Ministry of Education‘s Bitcoin-focused curriculum in their classrooms. Dennehy envisions this pilot being implemented in every school by the following year if it succeeds.

But the ambition doesn’t halt at El Salvador’s borders. An interesting revelation from community activist Roman Martínez highlighted that Bitcoin has already graced the classrooms of over 25,000 Salvadoran students. Dennehy further fuels this sentiment, hinting at a broader vision: making Bitcoin education a worldwide endeavor. On this topic, he mentioned that they are currently discussing preliminary plans with two other Latin countries. Additionally, Cuba has recently introduced a Bitcoin education program similar to Mi Primer Bitcoin.

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